Nonconformer – a person who does not conform to generally accepted standards or customs. Nonconformers are an important part of society because they provide the rest of us with perspective, and most importantly – with options. They inadvertently push against the status quo which gets us to think outside of the box, to challenge whatContinue reading “Society’s NONCONFORMERS”

 Its a Human thing…

Bullies – Victims And the Game of Thrones It is often said that life is a game. A look at history reveals a very clear pattern present in most societies since… Forever. And that is:  As long as human beings have sought to oppress each other, they have done so. We learn from history theContinue reading ” Its a Human thing…”

Why Chattel Slavery ?

Slavery has a long Human history, never very pleasant for the person on the receiving end and at times downright ugly. And although it is not openly practiced today, it is for sure, a hidden market (Wayfair, ahem). The type of slavery practiced in the United States (from 1619 to 1865) was known as chattelContinue reading “Why Chattel Slavery ?”

Ramadan the ReMix LOG Discipline, Introspection, Focus

Observances/Adjustments It’s important to analyze the challenges, potential challenges and WHY something isn’t working so we can be successful in our journey. It’s very important to me that I follow this to completion. On Sunday I attended a spiritual workshop which was the perfect prelude to Ramadan. I decided to share part of my dailyContinue reading “Ramadan the ReMix LOG Discipline, Introspection, Focus”

Ramadan – the ReMix

Disclaimer:  I’m not muslim, but I will celebrate Ramadan this year. I’ve only fasted one time in my life and it was a spur of the moment thing. I was in a spiritual program and the host mentioned he had fasted and his diet was compromised when he moved in with other people. The programContinue reading “Ramadan – the ReMix”


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