Ramadan the ReMix LOG Discipline, Introspection, Focus

Observances/Adjustments It’s important to analyze the challenges, potential challenges and WHY something isn’t working so we can be successful in our journey. It’s very important to me that I follow this to completion. On Sunday I attended a spiritual workshop which was the perfect prelude to Ramadan. I decided to share part of my dailyContinue reading “Ramadan the ReMix LOG Discipline, Introspection, Focus”

Ramadan – the ReMix

Disclaimer:  I’m not muslim, but I will celebrate Ramadan this year. I’ve only fasted one time in my life and it was a spur of the moment thing. I was in a spiritual program and the host mentioned he had fasted and his diet was compromised when he moved in with other people. The programContinue reading “Ramadan – the ReMix”

Is CHEESE Racist?

there is a popular sub shop in central nj, so popular there are two locations. Occasionally I enjoy a good sub there and one of my favorites is a simple turkey and cheese. but not any cheese – yellow american, in particular, is my favorite combination with turkey. plain, simple, no frills, no lettuce, noContinue reading “Is CHEESE Racist?”


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